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This is the best dentist in Riyadh 
Dr. Ahmed Al-Obaid specializes in dental expertise for more than 13 years

The best dentist in Riyadh

Where it provides medical services

Teeth whitening
Smile and Hollywood
Dental implants
Dental fillings
Dental fixtures
He has the best and latest medical tools

He has the best and most modern medical tools

Dr. Ahmed Balobaid Clinic
 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Many of us are confused about how the dentist chooses to make dental coatings for his teeth like a celebrity smile or a Hollywood smile there
 Two methods that greatly facilitate work and give excellent results enter happiness and increase confidence for the owner of the smile
   Hollywood smile - dentist in Riyadh - veneer lenses - luminaire - imax zircad fixtures and everything new in dental lenses and dental treatments.

Riyadh - Al-Murooj District
Avenue Medical Complex.
Consulting WhatsApp 0533372093
For appointments 0112000099 ———————————————————————————
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Avenue Medical Center
Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al-Morouj, Riyadh 12281
011 200 0099

Consulting and appointments
0533372093 whatsapp

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